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Certified life coaching professional

Laptop display of website for cinematographer life coach Amy Valentine

Branding, Website
& Logo Design

We enjoyed collaborating with life coach Amy Valentine to elevate her brand identity and online presence. We started by crafting a website design that reflected Amy's personality and coaching style. Additionally, we developed a logo that visually communicated her unique approach to coaching.

In 2023, we implemented a brand refresh that integrated Amy's new YouTube video series, "Awakening with Amy." To ensure the website aligned with the new series, we sourced photography from the video series, capturing the show's essence and creating instant brand recognition for Amy's viewers.

We selected a color scheme that incorporated soothing hues of green to reflect harmony, rest, and balance. We also included blue and purple tones, known for their calming properties, perfect for promoting a relaxed state of mind.

We provide ongoing video editing and post-production support throughout our partnership, ensuring the brand message remains consistent across all channels. The scope of our work included we

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