Make us a contributor to your Website

How to make DA Creative a contributor to your Wix website.

Select Roles & Permissions:

If we are going to adapt, update or maintain your Wix website, we need to be a contributor to the site, in your Wix account.  It's very simple to do.

Log into your Wix account and be sure to select the site you wish to make us a contributor for (if you have more than one site in your account).

Select Settings from the left sidebar:

Be sure you have selected the correct website in your Wix account (if you have more than one).

Select Settings


Select the blue button on the top right, + Add Contributor:

In the pop-up window, add the email that DA Creative sent you.

Confirm the Admin radial button is selected and Can Publish Site is turned on.
Select Send Invite:

Enter the email address that DA Creative

sent you here.

Confirm Admin has been selected and 'Can Publish Site' has been turned on

Send Invite

That's it.  Once we accept the change, we will be a contributor on your website.  Of course, if you have any questions, let us know.

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