Transfer your Wix website

How to make a copy of your Wix website and send it to us so we can make some magic!

STEP 1: Make a copy or your existing website

Once logged into your Wix account dashboard for the website you want to transfer, select the "Site Actions" button:

Select "Duplicate Site" from the dropdown menu:

Enter a name for the duplicate site copy (i.e. website-copy) and select the "Duplicate button:

Your site copy will then be created.  To access it, go to the upper right corner of your dashboard and select "My Sites":

You will see a thumbnail image of your website, with the name you gave it in the previous step (in this case, "dacreative-copy"). This is a copy of your website.  Your original website has not been affected and is still live:

STEP 2: Transfer your site copy to DA Creative

Hover your mouse of the website copy thumbnail image and select "Quick Actions," and then "Transfer Site" from the dropdown menu:

In the pop up window that opens, in the field labeled "Who will be the new site owner?", enter the email address that we sent to you.  Then make sure "Create a copy of this site and keep it in my account" is checked . This will create a backup copy of the site that will exist in your Wix account. Then select "Next":

Check the confirm checkbox and then select the "Transfer Ownership" button:

That's it.  We will now begin the project.  Of course, if you have any questions, let us know.