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The Wix Blog

DA Creative Web Design shows you on create blog posts with the Wix Blog

Creating a new blog post

Note: We have set up your Wix Blog with your branded fonts, colors and layout that you see in your completed website. When you add your blog posts via the Wix Blog dashboard, these style settings are automatically applied to your live website, so you do not need to format your text font or color in the blog editor. Once logged into your Wix account with the website of your choice, select "Blog" from the left sidebar:

Select "Create New Post" from the upper right button

You are now in the blog editor. 

Follow the sample text and add a blog title* and hit return on your keyboard.  Then you can write your blog post, the same you would in any text editor.

* We recommend following the format of the posts we have created for you at site launch with regard to the capitalization of your blog titles. It is good practice to remain consistent.

Adding images to your post

If you would like to add an image, video, photo gallery, HTML embed, line divider, GIF, or a downloadable file in your post, hit return on your keyboard in the editor to get to a new line. Select the plus sign that appears in a circle:

Select the appropriate icon for the type of element you wish to add.  See below for an explanation of the element types you can add.

In the example below, we added an image to the post. With the image selected, a pop-up menu appears with formatting options. You have 4 settings of how large the image will display in our post, you can have the image be to the left or right of the text, you can add a hyperlink to the image, as well as adjust the image.

Adding a hyperlink to your text

If you wish to make a text a hyperlink, simply highlight the word you want to change to a link.  When you do, a pop-up window will appear. Select the link icon. In the example below, we have selected the word "hyperlink" and will add a link to it:

Enter the URL of the website you want to link to in the space provided.  It is also good practice to select "Link opens in a new tab" to link to external websites.

SEO for a blog post

If you wish to control the SEO for a post, in the post editor, select "SEO" on the left sidebar

Here you can control your post URL, meta title. and meta description of your post.  Wix will automatically auto-fill this information from your blog post, but you can adjust it if you wish.

Publishing your blog post

When you are ready to publish your post, select the blue "Publish" button on the upper right of your screen. The post will now appear on your live website.

Editing an existing blog post

If you wish to edit a post that has already been published, select the blue "Edit" button to the right of the blog entry you wish to change in the Wix Blog dashboard main screen: