Assign your Wix premium plan

How to make reassign your existing Wix premium plan to the new website DA Creative transferred into your Wix account

Select "Duplicate Site" from the dropdown menu:

We have sent you these instructions because we have transferred your brand new website into your Wix account. To make your new website live, to replace your existing website, you will need to transfer your current Wix premium plan from your old site to the new one.

STEP 1: Make a copy or your existing website

Once logged into your Wix account dashboard for the website you want to transfer, select the "Site Actions" button:


Enter a name for the duplicate site copy (i.e. website-copy) and select the "Duplicate button:

Your site copy will then be created.  To access it, go to the upper right corner of your dashboard and select "My Sites":

You will see a thumbnail image of your website, with the name you gave it in the previous step (in this case, "dacreative-copy"). This is a copy of your website.  Your original website has not been affected and is still live:


STEP 2: Transfer your site copy to DA Creative

Hover your mouse of the website copy thumbnail image and select "Quick Actions," and then "Transfer Site" from the dropdown menu:

In the pop up window that opens, in the field labeled "Who will be the new site owner?", enter the email address that we sent to you.  Then make sure "Create a copy of this site and keep it in my account" is checked . This will create a backup copy of the site that will exist in your Wix account. Then select "Next":

Check the confirm checkbox and then select the "Transfer Ownership" button:

That's it.  We will now begin the project.  Of course, if you have any questions, let us know.

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